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The Citrine Eagle is a roleplay guild on Moon Guard-US based around the untold stories of the Alterac Mountains.

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Build a New Story

Build your character up and find new opportunities and progress in your time with the Citrine Eagle.


Join a Vibrant Community!

Take part in events, social nights, and everyday fun with us in Discord, WoW, and other fun stuff!


Take on Epic Adventures

Brave the Alterac Mountains in marvelous and dangerous misadventures through the untamed and long forgotten Mountains.



Heroes and adventurers alike travel to Alterac to build a new chapter in life - and to carve out their own little bit of the Mountains for themselves.

The Citrine Eagle is a band of heroes who hope to make Alterac a safe place to settle for future generations. 



For decades, the lands of Alterac have been plagued with dishonor and ire for the actions of a tyrant King. As the common man suffered for the actions of the power, many were displaced from their homes - never to see them again. 

The Citrine Eagle is an order of pioneers who stand as the guardians of a new generation of Alteraci of all creeds and races of Azeroth. Together, they struggle against the untamed and forgotten Mountains, and hope to find and rekindle some of long lost honor the scarred land left behind.

They hold the fortress town of Talongrab as a base, and a beacon of hope for those who seek new opportunity, and refuge from the worlds corruption.

Pain and suffering awaits in the lands of Alterac; but it is a burden shared with countless allies. In lands long forgotten, there is opportunity to build anew.