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  1. Have respect for all members of the guild. 

    1. There is zero tolerance for harassment of other members. 

  2. You represent the guild. Please act cordial around people in the roleplay community and outside of this guild. 

  3. The following are grounds for immediate removal:

    1. Inciting drama in guild chat channels, or other public channels.

    2. Speaking ill of other guilds in guild chat channels, or other public channels.

    3. Conducting erotic roleplay in public channels. 

    4. Posting not safe for work content in guild chat channels or other Moon Guard community channels that do not permit such. This guild hosts members under the age of 18.

    5. Sexual harassment of members, or others in the roleplay community. 


  1. Have a basic grasp of the english language and grammar. Do not use “leet speak” or memes in roleplay. 

  2. To help others with immersion while participating in guild roleplay:

    1. Don’t go out-of-character frequently.

    2. No trolling, counter-trolling, or griefing. 

    3. Take personal OOC chat to whispers.

  3. Please refrain from the following while roleplaying:

    1. Meta-gaming.

    2. God-modding. (Check out Roleplay Guidelines!)

  4. If your character is a troublemaker, they will get punished for it.

    1. Characters that express consistent undesirable qualities that detract from guild roleplay often, can be removed.


  1. If someone’s doing something wrong or breaking one of these rules, try disengaging from the situation.

    1. If the person continues when you actively attempt to disengage, contact an officer as soon as possible. 

    2. Please have screenshots of reference evidence on-hand if needed

    3. Officers can also help mediate situations when need-be.

  2. The Citrine Eagle uses a three strikes policy.

    1. Infringing a guild rule results in a strike. If you get a warning, it’s a strike. 

    2. First offense is just a warning, the second offense is a two week ban from guild events. The third strike will result in an officer review for removal from the guild.

    3. Strikes are forgiven after a month without issues. 

    4. These punishments apply to all characters, since they are OOC. 

  3. Individuals removed from the guild may re-apply in three months time.


Members who leave the guild are allowed to return to the guild without repercussion on their first re-join, but do not continue from the rank they left off. If someone leaves a second time, their next rejoining is up to officer review. 


To join on an alt OOC, just whisper an officer with the name of your main character in-guild, and you’ll be invited. To have that character join in-character, make a post in our character profiles channel in discord, and an officer will approve of it. You can assume your main character interviewed your new one. Please only have an amount that you can keep active!


This guild does not have a blacklist, and does not blacklist other guilds or individuals on Moon Guard.


Contribution of assets (system input, graphics, etc.) to the Citrine Eagle makes these assets available for continued use by the Citrine Eagle to be referenced and utilized for future projects beyond your tenure in the Citrine Eagle.

These rules are interpreted at the discretion of the Officers.

Applying to the Citrine Eagle means you understand and agree to these terms. 

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