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The Withering Rose

Jenifleur Wyther

Lady Jenifleur Wyther silently slid out from under her overly thick blankets. The priestess walked softly over towards the window and pulled aside the curtains. A small sigh escaped her lips before she opened the window to let in that cool morning air that was so often the normal around these parts. A few deep breaths later, the woman let out another sigh before heading over to the dresser. A slight creak as the dresser door is slowly opened wide to reveal the selection of clothing that the priestess had brought along on her mission. Lady Wyther’s fingers reach out to gently touch her well-worn citrine battle attire. The padded robes showing off their age with all the small repairs, frayed edges, and patched pieces. A finger gently rubbing against a fresher cut that still held the sad sign of blood along the outline. The priestess shakes her head to snap back into focus instead of lingering on her memories of time spent with The Eagles. Her hands instead move towards a simple fur-lined robe. The priestess took a few moments to get dressed and brush her hair before applying her makeup and heading downstairs.


The inn was mostly empty at this time, which the priestess was a bit thankful for. She quietly made her way outside without any issues. The cool air felt refreshing to the woman as she glanced around at the town. She took note of the many half built houses and shops. Many tents had popped up near the various buildings so that the owners would have somewhere to stay while the construction work continued. A sweetly smile formed upon the woman’s face as she thought about how it felt like just a few days ago that she had come out here to assist these refugees on their quest to build a new home. She wondered how the Eagles had been holding up during her absence, though she knew with their track record of stumbling into trouble, that they must be mostly well. Hopefully. The priestess sighs as a hand reaches up to rest upon her pendant. Her eyes glanced up towards the sky as she spoke softly. “Mother... Sister… I’m sure that my due judgement will be upon me soon. I hope you both were able to at least be proud of the life I found… even if it cost you your own.” Jenifleur sighed again as her hand fell down to her side and she continued her patrol around the town. She would have to write a report to the Matriarch soon enough to report on the progress of the town.


Perhaps A Bit Too Much Learning


The ambient sounds of hammers banging onto metal, the roaring of forges blazing hot, and various blacksmiths at work were thankfully kept outside of the house with a simple enough spell. Whilst the city of Ironforge was most impressive and lively, the sounds were often a bit much for such a studious woman to endure whilst deep in cogitation. The lavish study was currently a disarray of volumes upon volumes of tomes, scrolls, and blueprints. A dwarven styled desk, albeit a bit taller than normal, was littered with various jeweler’s tools and a magnificent specimen of a crystal carefully upon a small cradle. Kiraeva clapped her hands together in triumph as she looked up from her completed project. Whilst not a proper practitioner of this fine art nor one as skilled as many of her people’s own smiths, the woman had done a most prodigious job after all her studies. It had taken her many months of constant bartering and exchanges to gather up all the items for this day, but that was nothing she wasn’t used to doing. The mage carefully picks up the crystal and carries it into the next room. 

Kiraeva places the precious item into an enchanted bag and gathers her things. It was time now for a long trip. She knew that her presence wouldn’t be too sorely missed by her allies in the Eagles so she set out on her journey for the time being. Surely a few month long trip would do her some good, even more so as the first destination was a meeting with a disgraced Farseer. Or was it an aspiring Anchorite. Surely the scrolls recall it as a Redeemed Vindicator. It was not long after this first stop that a shipment of twenty-six crates full of nothing but Elekk Plushies arrived in Talongrab. A simple mix up that was supposed to only be two crates but alas, Talongrab now had an over abundance of hundreds of stuffed plushies to give out to the children and decorate many… many… places with.

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